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The folks at FOX 5 in San Diego recently captured a photo of the in-process demolition of the former home of the Chargers.

The stadium, which in the years before it became profitable to sell the rights was named for Jack Murphy, hosted three Super Bowls: XXII (won by Washington), XXXII (won by Denver), and XXXVII (won by Tampa Bay).

The photo shows the seats in the west end zone, via Troy Hirsch of FOX 5.

The Chargers played at the venue from 1967 through January 1, 2017. It was built in part due to the efforts of Murphy, a sportswriter who lobbied aggressively for a stadium for the Chargers and, as of 1969, baseball’s San Diego Padres.

The stadium was named for Murphy in 1981, after his death. Qualcomm purchased the naming rights in 1997.

The inability of the Chargers to finagle an adequate replacement for he facility triggered the 2018 move to L.A. Whether the NFL puts a team in San Diego in the future is unknown. Presumably, the project would have to be privately funded, like the new stadium in Inglewood shared by the Rams and Chargers.