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Science Teacher Transforms His Kitchen into a Chemistry Lab Making Online Lessons Fun, Zoom-Bombed by Kevin Hart

Jonte Lee’s turned his kitchen into a chemistry lab, and used his own money to buy and deliver supplies for his 35 students—then he got to teaching. He Became known

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Site of three Super Bowls creates haunting image as it’s destroyed

The folks at FOX 5 in San Diego recently captured a photo of the in-process demolition of the former home of the Chargers. The stadium, which in the years before

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Friend furloughing: How to tell certain mates you don’t actually want to hang out come June 21st

While many of us have lost touch with loved ones simply due to distance or technophobia (there are only so many times you can remind someone they’re on mute) there

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Van Eck’s new BUZZ ETF to track social media chatter

A new ETF that tracks an index ranking the top 75 stocks each month that display the highest degree of “positive investor sentiment” as gauged by the monitoring of 15

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Google HR reportedly advised mental health leave in response to complaints of racist or sexist behavior

Several current and former Google employees say the company’s human resources department would often suggest mental health counseling or leave in response to complaints about racist or sexist behavior in

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Good Samaritan Saves Farmer’s Pig, Calls 911 After Joining Livestream and Seeing Barn On Fire

With so many streaming services, 24-hour news programs, and podcasts available for online entertainment, one farmer is thanking her lucky stars that someone simply wanted to watch an Internet livestream

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